Welcome to the historic village of Kings Clipstone.

The Kings Clipstone community website was born to highlight the increasing and life-threatening dangers that children, walkers, cyclists and horse-riders in Kings Clipstone village are being exposed to from traffic passing through on its way to and from Mansfield and Ollerton, Retford, the A1, Doncaster and the North.

It has now evolved to become the most comprehensive information resource for the community and visitors to one of the most historic villages in ancient Sherwood Forest. We hope you'll find the links below useful and will want to contribute on the messageboards.

We have already secured several promises from Nottinghamshire CC that traffic calming measures and new footways were to be trialed 'shortly' but these have all been broken: they told us early in 2008 that would start in June ... and even put up the signs ... but they didn't.

They gained unanimous approval from residents on 28th September 2008 for another proposal they said they would trial in December. But didn't.

They presented revised plans in March 2009 for another scheme they say could be in place by the Autumn and got residents' backing for that too ...

But they didn't.

So the dangers inherent from juggernauts in a residential area without pedestrian pathways remain, even though they were first highlighted in the Notts CC's Development Plan of 1952 that records proposals for "a by-pass ... to the south side of the old village".


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